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Web Mobi Design  started in 2013 and exists to aid with website design for local business. All our design's are made to be mobile responsive or we can design a mobile website for your existing website which means they can be easily viewed on a mobile devise. We can help any small to medium business with websites, logo's, QR codes, business cards, mobile apps, SEO / social media services and logo animation and video design.

Everyday, millions of people are browsing the Internet on their mobile devices to quickly find out where to eat in their particular area, where the nearest cafe is or even check the local traffic report. Today there are over 900 Million People browsing the mobile web. Over 500 million people never use a PC to access the internet. The likelihood that someone will buy something on his/her mobile device is over 3 times higher than buyers on a laptop or desktop computer. Having a company website without being mobile optimized is very hard to read. Running a company with no presence in the mobile webspace will reduce your websearch ranking. Many big brand companies have already made their presence in the mobile webspace. It would not be so surprising to see even individual mobile websites in the near future.

Now days with the advent of the latest technology accessing internet is a novel experience. Websites, which is the most pivotal business tool online, is now being accessed by various types of devices other than computer. Hence it is very important to optimize the quality and the size of the website to fit the displays of these portable devices has become a matter of importance. Flexible layout, responsive layout, mobile websites, mobile web design and adjustable layouts are the terms which would mean mobile web designs.

So if your business website is not optimized for the mobile web, you are losing a lot of valuable business. Web Mobi Design makes it easy for businesses to have affordable and dynamic mobile websites.

Our clients come from all walks of life and from many different industries. From real estate agents to restaurateurs, from bar owners to retail stores, our clients have one thing in common:  they love to communicate with their customers through WebMobiDesign.com.
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